Friday, December 16, 2011

Fixed It!

Ah, a nice, sunny day to put laundry out. Here awhile back, Younger Son cleaned his room, and just DUMPED all his T-shirts, clean and otherwise, in the laundry. So I'm just washing them all, and starting afresh. So here on the line is most of that, plus current laundry of long pants, sweatshirts and Hubby's work things. But wait ... what's wrong with this picture?

There are only two lines, not three!

Awhile back, the clothesline broke.

The line we first put up is a wire-enclosed-in-plastic type. The ends are held together with a U-bolt and nuts. If you have to tighten the lines, you have to loosen the screws, adjust the line, and tighten the screws back up. TEDIOUS. You can tell those other two lines need tightened again.

Well, one day I had a bunch of stuff on that third line, and >>SNAP!!!<< the end broke and down it came. It broke in the end loop, snapped completely through, so no putting it back up - too short to do anything with.

So FINALLY at Wallyworld yesterday, I got a package of clothesline. It's woven nylon, and I'll just tie it on.

Tied on to the west end - I'll clip that old line off when I find some wire snips. OR, maybe those scissors will do?

And, the east end tied. Let me tell you, I like those combo gloves. They can be mittens, as well as fingerless gloves, which are good for keeping my hands warm while having to do something tedious, like tie on clothesline.

Levtover line, will have to find a use for!

Ahhhh ... three lines again! Which is good, because I have a load of towels and socks yet.

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