Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Home

Yesterday evening, I got my flowers transplanted to their big pot by the front step. As I took the orange flowers out of their little containers, the tags said "Cosmos." Here I thought they were Marigolds! But that's fine with me, 'cause I like Cosmos, too.

I think I got some Marigold seeds the other day, so I will plant them in another container.


Thrift store finds.

A nice sunflower potholder. $.30.

A VERY STURDY little bookshelf thingy. $1.00. Or, the lady that checked me out thought it might make a nice doll bed. :) A note stuck to the bottom said that someone made it in high school.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Today .... I found a few things for the house.

Hopefully, this morning's freeze of 27 degrees on April 24 in western Oklahoma is IT for the season, so I got a few flowers to get started on the flower pot(s) by the front step. Marigolds, and some purple petunias.

Also got some seed packets - planning a "bucket-o-pansies," some sunflowers and wildflowers, and also got Younger Son a packet of peas to plant.

Then at the thrift store, I found some items. First, a graniteware stock pot, but it didn't have a lid. But it was in good shape, just needed cleaning. Only one blemish on the outside bottom edge, that won't hurt anything.

It didn't have a lid, but there was a container of lids on the shelf below it for sale. I picked up the first one I thought would fit, and it fit PERFECTLY. So what if it's a total visual mismatch, being stainless steel, it FITS!

Ta-daaaaaa. :)

Ready for canning or soup or food or whatever.

Then, there were four lightweight cotton tablecloths on the rack, so I grabbed one. Love checkered tablecloths, also when they have "designs" with the checker fabric.

Tablecloth closeup.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Thrift Store Finds

I enjoy finding things at the thrift store that help make my home/kitchen "homey." Especially if it's something that reminds me of HOME or my MOM.

Some time back, I bought an inexpensive cake container at wallyworld. Key word: "Inexpensive." It lasted awhile, but promptly started breaking, cracking, and ended up being thrown out. The other day, at the thrift store, I found this STURDY cake carrier, sort of a Tupperware style. This should last a whole lot longer! And I store other things in it besides cake, also pie, muffins, quick bread, anything.

This double-decker turntable reminded me of home and Mom, as she had one in her cupboard ever since I could remember, with all the baking spices and stuff on it. Hers was avocado green. This one is harvest gold. This one is now in MY "baking shelf," with spices, measuring cups, etc. on it. A "taste of home."

Here is a cute little clear apple dish.

Closeup of the leaf design.

Found another decorated small plate. I have three with two different blue flowery designs. Now another one of the same shape/style, with a Pennsylvania Dutch design on it.

Various Goodies

Some recent things we've enjoyed eating here at home.

Spicy chicken-white bean soup.

Creamy lime pie.

Seven-Up Biscuits.

Nacho plate.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Macaroni-Burger Bake

Older Son got in a cooking mood the other night, and came up with this:

This is actually leftovers from then, it's good a couple of days later as well! He browned hamburger, cooked elbow macaroni, then put them together with some spaghetti sauce. Divided that into two pie dishes. THEN, topped each dish with four slices of bread that had garlic (I assume), mozzarella slices, and some parmesan on top. Then baked it all. In the plate above, I have a helping, and I broke a slice of bread apart to heat up better in the microwave. He can make this again anytime!