Saturday, September 29, 2012

Meal in a Packet

I got in the mood to make little "foil packet" meals for us the other night. We were kind of low on groceries, so I made them real simple, but you can put ANYTHING in one of these. You can also customize them for different likes or dislikes. Usually, these are for putting on campfires. But I just laid these in pie tins (in case something leaked out), two fit nicely in each tin, then baked them in the oven.

I made four of these. I started with a square of foil for each, and oiled them (or you can use spray) so stuff wouldn't stick. First was a layer of sliced potatoes, then I sprinkled those with kosher salt, some black pepper and some Lawry's seasoned salt. (I think potatoes need a lot of salt.) Then sliced some smoked sausage on top, figuring that any juices from that would go down into the potatoes and help cook and flavor them. Then sealed up with a top fold and end folds, laid them in the pie tins, and baked at 350 degrees for an hour.

Hubby "complained" that it wasn't big enough, and that's a way of saying he liked them. They WERE good! The potatoes had a good flavor, and the meat was delicious.

You could do anything in these (commonly called a "hobo" packet), different meats, different veggies, seasonings, butter, just anything that sounds good. Maybe you could even do a chili cheeseburger! Just grab a piece of foil, turn the oven on, and let your food creativity take over. Then relax while the oven does the work.


  1. Yum! Will have to try these soon!

  2. I may just have these one night this week! Yummy.

  3. I'm not a big fan of the ones that have hamburger patties in them. .but I think that I would REALLY like it done with sausage. .my uncle makes "cream can" meals (fixed in an old cream can over a propane burner) using potatos carrots, sausage, ears of corn and cabbage. .I bet one could re-create a similar meal in a packet. .maybe excluding the corn ears. .I think cabbage might be worth eating like that!! Thanks for sharing.