Saturday, May 11, 2013


Mom collected Fiesta Ware. I grew up with it. We used it all the time. It's "in my blood." When I went to the thrift store a few days ago, I did my usual thing of going through each section, checking things out. Got to the dish section, and my visual radar immediately went off .... FIESTA WARE! Two big green plates, and a smaller blue plate. MINE!!!! You don't see Fiesta Ware in there much. I found a black Fiesta Ware cup one time, and that's been awhile back. Cost of these plates? Thirty cents each. Total, ninety cents, plus tax.

Love the "Fiesta Ware" signature on the back.

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  1. That's a bargain! Did you know fiesta is made in the US and also very chip resistant?