Friday, July 22, 2011

Dishware Finds

Sigh ... this certain thrift store and I ... we have an ONGOING relationship. I just have to stop in there every so often ... you NEVER KNOW what you'll find. I actually took things over these last two times, so I'm gaining on that. Today, I found several pieces of classical piano music to help replace the library I once had. (Forty cents apiece - can't beat that!)

A week or so ago, I found a very nice citrus-green Pyrex casserole dish, and a small "Fire King" Jadite bowl. Casserole - $3. Jadite bowl - $1. The Jadite bowl had a scum of lime on the inside as if water had sat in it (probably why it was so cheap), but a good scrubbing took care of that. Voila! I have my first piece of Jadite dishware! Made a Jell-O salad in the casserole, and that worked great.

Then just a day or so ago, I found these nice little saucer-dishes. One has an "antique" look with a flowery design. The solid pink and yellow ones say "Lu-Ray Pastels" on the bottom. They made me think of Fiesta Ware, though they aren't. Price? Thirty cents apiece.

This embroidered dish towel is one I have, I'm pretty sure my mother made it. And today's Friday! Ha!

I also found another blue Grannyware pitcher.

It's a little bigger than the first one I found at another shop, but still on the "small" side.


  1. you know I am a little jealous of your Pyrex find.
    I also like that pretty bird towel
    Lu-Ray is highly collectible, you might check Ebay if you are interested in selling it.

    very nice finds!

  2. I finally figured out how to get certain blogs to let me comment! I've been trying for weeks.

  3. Thanks, Rhonda - I'd never heard of Lu-Ray before. May have to check that out. :)

    Thanks, Debbie - glad you got the comment thing going!