Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Freezer Jam

When life gives you strawberries and peaches ... make freezer jam! Well, actually I purposely got the strawberries and peaches from the store. Plus some instant pectin.

Up to this point, I'd never used my potato masher for anything but potatoes. But so often I read on the 'net about mashing the fruit with a potato masher, so ...

... mashed strawberries, ready to add to the sweetener (*Splenda for the strawberry jam) and instant pectin, then be stirred for the required time and put into jars.

Then, mashed peaches for another batch. (Each envelope of instant pectin makes 2 small jars of jam.)

Most fruit gets added to the sweetener/pectin mixture, but the peaches are a little different. They get sweetener (regular sugar this time) and a little lemon juice added to them, then stirred and sit for 10 minutes. THEN they get the pectin stirred in for the required amount of time, and put into jars.

Finished strawberry and peach freezer jam. I made the strawberry with *Splenda, as that's Hubby's favorite flavor, and he's diabetic. Next will be to give all this a taste test!

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