Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Beautiful Blooms

For a few years, I've had a hankerin' to have a planter out front with geraniums in it. So this last spring, I got 3 different colors, plus some petunias. I took too long to transplant them to the planter, and almost killed everything, but FINALLY got in gear and put them in the planter awhile back. They've bloomed, then gone through a spell of no blooms, then they bloom again. So right now they are all 3 blooming at once. Adds a purty sight to our front step, plus the red rock, plus the horseshoes. There's one lone dark-purple petunia in the planter that made it, out of six. I admit that's my fault, I'm hard on plants. But as long as I remember to water these babies, Hopefully we can have some pretty blooms through the rest of the summer!

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