Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Today .... I found a few things for the house.

Hopefully, this morning's freeze of 27 degrees on April 24 in western Oklahoma is IT for the season, so I got a few flowers to get started on the flower pot(s) by the front step. Marigolds, and some purple petunias.

Also got some seed packets - planning a "bucket-o-pansies," some sunflowers and wildflowers, and also got Younger Son a packet of peas to plant.

Then at the thrift store, I found some items. First, a graniteware stock pot, but it didn't have a lid. But it was in good shape, just needed cleaning. Only one blemish on the outside bottom edge, that won't hurt anything.

It didn't have a lid, but there was a container of lids on the shelf below it for sale. I picked up the first one I thought would fit, and it fit PERFECTLY. So what if it's a total visual mismatch, being stainless steel, it FITS!

Ta-daaaaaa. :)

Ready for canning or soup or food or whatever.

Then, there were four lightweight cotton tablecloths on the rack, so I grabbed one. Love checkered tablecloths, also when they have "designs" with the checker fabric.

Tablecloth closeup.

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