Saturday, April 20, 2013

Thrift Store Finds

I enjoy finding things at the thrift store that help make my home/kitchen "homey." Especially if it's something that reminds me of HOME or my MOM.

Some time back, I bought an inexpensive cake container at wallyworld. Key word: "Inexpensive." It lasted awhile, but promptly started breaking, cracking, and ended up being thrown out. The other day, at the thrift store, I found this STURDY cake carrier, sort of a Tupperware style. This should last a whole lot longer! And I store other things in it besides cake, also pie, muffins, quick bread, anything.

This double-decker turntable reminded me of home and Mom, as she had one in her cupboard ever since I could remember, with all the baking spices and stuff on it. Hers was avocado green. This one is harvest gold. This one is now in MY "baking shelf," with spices, measuring cups, etc. on it. A "taste of home."

Here is a cute little clear apple dish.

Closeup of the leaf design.

Found another decorated small plate. I have three with two different blue flowery designs. Now another one of the same shape/style, with a Pennsylvania Dutch design on it.

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