Monday, April 28, 2014

Rain Water Rinse

This morning, I put a big load of towels on the line to dry. Later on, in the afternoon, I took hubby to the truck in the neighboring town. Showery clouds were forming in the area. The towels on the line at home were the furthest thing from my mind. I plumb forgot they were there. After I dropped him off, I went to wallyworld. As I left there after a bit, I saw this to the east, where our little town is.

I drove in some sprinkles on the way home. Came into town, and everything looked drenched, like the main part of that shower went right through town. As I pulled up to the house .... there they were, my towels on the line! Well, they were "a little damp" to say the least, but I just left them out there. It showered off-and-on all afternoon. It got awfully windy one time. Finally in the evening, I went out to bring them in, that's when I took this photo. I expected them to be damp at the least, soggy at the most. But they were basically DRY. A little ruffled around the lines from the wind, but dry. I was glad! I was prepared to use the dryer, but instead was just able to fold them and put them away. "WHEW" But I'm really not upset about it ... we need the rain awfully bad! And we're thankful for every drop, praise God.

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