Sunday, May 24, 2015

Plant Life

Last Tuesday at work, someone brought more plant starts for people to take home if they wanted. He said he wasn't going to take any back home, so if any were left later, take them. So when I got off of work, there were still seven pepper plants sitting out on the table in the dining room. So, I took them home. You have to understand that (1) I DO NOT HAVE A GREEN THUMB, and (2) I have NEVER done well with pepper plants.

With the threat of heavy rains moving in Friday and Saturday, I got busy Thursday evening and put the tomatoes I had started out in a pot (right,) and put a couple of the pepper plants in some bigger containers I had (left).

Tomatoes (front) and peppers (back). One pepper plant even has a bloom! Now I know that those tomato starts are pretty tiny and pathetic, compared to the lush, nice ones you will find in the stores. But for me, "Miss No-Green-Thumb," to start them from seed and get anything at all is quite a feat!

Then I put some starts of "assorted flowers" and sweet peas in an old basin. (Later I also put the other five pepper plants out with these, as they were, so they could catch the upcoming rain, too.)

Sure enough. This is the rain yesterday (Saturday), of which this round we received 2.84". That jug is catching rainwater off the roof so that I can use it later to water plants.

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