Friday, September 16, 2011

Laundry Quandry

Monday, I did laundry. I have 3 lines. They were loaded down. One end of the middle line came loose and that line's laundry went down in all the dry grass and dirt. (Yes, the very laundry you see in the picture above, and that afghan was a mess with the dry grass!)

Tuesday and Wednesday, I was down with a cold. Older Son was good and got the clothesline back up, and stretched and tightened them all.

Yesterday it was cloudy, VERY COOL, and it RAINED. So thankful, and I'm not complaining a bit! In fact, we'll take more of that anytime.

Now, after a few days of not doing laundry, towels have piled up, clothes have piled up, I need to do laundry. I was up early to fix Hubby's water jug before he left for work, so I threw a load of towels in, to start knocking down the heap that is taking over the back porch.

The NOAA site says 50 per cent chance of rain here. Today. The temps will be nice, but will it rain? Should I go ahead and brave the laundry line, and let it rain if it does? Now that it's 7:30 a.m. and light out, I can see the gray, somber clouds in the sky.

I HAVE GOT TO DO LAUNDRY. Yesterday was "clean up the disaster kitchen that got away from me while I was sick" day. That got done, and things are back to normal there. Today is the laundry. I HAVE TO! Well ... I will try it anyway. If nothing else, they'll get a rainwater rinse!


  1. I really miss having a line. We took it down years ago to have more room in our back yard. I've mentioned it a couple of times to Danny, but so far all I've got it "the look." ;)

  2. Hey, only women are supposed to have "the look!" How'd he get it? LOL! I sure do enjoy my clothesline. I don't even have a dryer, just the clothesline and a drying rack or two. :) But that dryer can be good for certain things, and once in awhile, I miss it.

  3. sorry you have been sick, but it is hard for me to be anything but happy about the this very much needed rain.
    I have a clothesline but don't use it much, I do hang clothes on hangers in doorways inside the house to dry when I don't want to use the clothes dryer. It works fine for me.

  4. I agree about the rain, Rhonda - I hope we get MUCH more! :)