Monday, September 12, 2011


Various things going on in the household the last week or so.

Nectarines ready to peel, slice and bag for the freezer.

A few baggies of sliced nectarines ready for the freezer, plus a dish of some to enjoy right now with half-and-half poured over. (Yum!)

A custard pie. It didn't last long.

Laundry on the line.

Onion soup - I called it "Oklahoma Onion Soup," since I used regular wheat bread toasted and shredded cheddar cheese.

Hubby smoked some ribs the other day, and made seasoned mashed potatoes to go with them. (Also yum!)

You've heard of a cookie jar, well, these are cookies in jars, literally!

Oreos with two kinds of fillings - "berry burst ice cream" on the left, and "chocolate" on the right.

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