Monday, October 31, 2011

Keep It Simple

Lately, I've been trying to make some progress on simplifying and organizing. Too often I have what's used a lot, clear back behind stuff, and stuff I don't even want to see, out within reach. So I'm trying to switch that around! Related to that, I got tired of digging out the jars from the cupboard all the time to make instant coffe or instant tea.

I do enjoy making brewed coffee and brewed tea as well, but I grew up with instant tea most of the time, and don't mind it at all.

Here awhile back, I got some plastic storage lids that are made for canning jars. Let me just say, I'm going to get some more! I LOVE them. So I got an idea, to keep instant coffee and tea, and sugar, within easy reach. I just filled half-pint jars with each one, put on the easy plastic lid, added a label, and they sit on my kitchen table, ready to grab at a moment's notice for an easy coffee or tea break.

Here's a cup of hot tea ready to enjoy, in one of Mom's Fiesta Ware cups. :) And the water was heated on the stove in the tea kettle that was hers. I loved my mom dearly, and still do in memory. I can't hardly do any kind of household or kitchen stuff, that I don't think of her and enjoy wonderful memories. And thankful for her example!

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