Friday, October 28, 2011


With fall moving right along and days getting shorter, and with winter not that far ahead, I got in gear today to clean and ready our oil lamps, JUST IN CASE. You never know when the power might be out.

Before we moved here, there was a bad ice storm that left many without electricity for weeks. We've only endured an overnight lack of electricity so far in the several years we've lived here.

We had oil lamps on hand when I was a kid at home, but the only time I remember using them was in the summer, when a thunderstorm would knock out the power. I like them because they're old-fashioned, and a nice backup for a light source.

Here's most of what we have for non-electric light sources around our house. Three oil lamps, a good flashlight (we have a few more around), an oil lantern, various scented candles (these are only a few!) and an LED mini-lantern.

I washed the dust and residue off the lamps, so they're nice and shiny, then made sure they were full of fuel.

These will add a little light, plus a good scent.

This is an antique lamp from home. I kick myself about the other one or two, not sure where they went. I think one might've broke at some point. But I still have this one, and it's nice and big and will burn quite awhile.

These are two newer ones, one from the thrift store (the one with the cool handle) and one from wallyworld.

Now if I can find my mini copper oil lamp, with a swivel base so you can either hang it on a wall or set it on a table. I know it's somewhere in a bin in this house --- probably upstairs in the "storage" room! If I get brave enough to enter that room, I'll have to try to look for it. But meanwhile I think we've got enough light sources to last us awhile!

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