Monday, January 16, 2012

A Different Kind of Cake

Mom and I had a habit at home of pouring milk over chocolate cake in a dish. In similar style, Dad was always dunking all kinds of stuff in his coffee. I've got that habit, too. I like hot tea, hot coffee, hot cocoa, etc., and to dunk things in them ... cookies, donuts, biscotti. Mom told about how a lot of their suppers at home in the '30's when she was a girl was cornbread and milk (and a dab of sugar) in a glass. Dad liked saltine crackers crushed into a glass with milk poured over. Mom often fixed "milk toast" for breakfast in the cold months, hot seasoned milk poured over buttered toast.

In light of all this soaked up stuff, awhile back I saw a recipe on Pioneer Woman's website for "Tres Leches Cake."

A cake with milk soaked into it? Right up my alley. But I've not tackled this from-scratch recipe yet. Older Son and I were in wallyworld recently, and they had this cake in mix form, so I grabbed one. You made a cake part, then after it was baked and cooled you poured a milk mixture (milk with some kind of powder whisked into it) all over it. Then I topped it with whipped topping.

Older Son "kind of" liked it, Younger Son ate maybe half a piece. Hubby didn't touch it. Meanwhile, I could've snarfed up the whole cake at once! So if I make it again, it'll probably be all mine. Well, since I have an "easy way" to make it with a mix in a box and whipped topping in a tub, I may just do that.


  1. Oh I sure hate it when the family doesn't eat up a dessert and force me too. I am so weak. Sounds like a moist cake.

  2. Very, very, very moist! But YUMMY. :)