Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rearranging ... on a Wall

I found a really nice shadow box shelf at the thrift store today. My immediate idea was, "Sewing and yarn stuff."

Here's the shelf, reposing on the couch while I decide what to do.

I had kind of put a lot of stuff all over the wall by my sewing/crafting table. Quilt blocks, post-it notes, what-have-you. It got to looking a little messy and disorganized.

So I took all the things down to start with a clean slate.

Measured and marked and nailed, and put the new (dusted) shelf in place.

Then came the fun part, putting a few things back on the wall, then filling the shelf with fun items.

A closeup of the shelf. I think I'll really enjoy this. I can change things out for seasons, holidays, various themes, what-have-you. I'd say the 3 dollars was worth it!


  1. Sometimes, the smallest of changes can make a room feel so much better!! I've recently had a few cast iron skillets pop up in my life in the funniest of ways, so I decided I was going to hang them up on the wall over my stove. Sounds cooky, but I JUST LOVE IT! I'm hoping to add to it when I find more treasures!!

  2. I agre, Becky, even a little change somewhere can help things look a little more fresh or interesting. I like your idea with the cast iron skillets! :)