Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tidying Up

To say that my sewing table area was a disaster would be a severe understatement. It was in DEEP NEED of sorting and organizing! So today, I tackled that. Put some stacks of material away for awhile. Put yarn projects in a tote and put them out of the way. Tidied the table and put less-used/unused things in the BACK and highly used/necessary things in the FRONT within easy reach. Not vice versa, which I'm prone to do all over the house!

Recently, I found some simple "shadow box frames" at the thrift store, really cheap. So I've had fun putting them to use. I know I'll keep messing with what I put in them, but this is a start. Here's the dark one made of thick wood.

Here's a lightweight one, and it looks like at one time a glass cover might've slid into place over it. but I'm enjoying it anyway. I decided to put colorful scraps in the spaces, then I put wooden spools with simmilar (or no) colors of thread on top. A folded doily that Mom made is underneath.

The jar of crochet hooks and small rulers. Most of the crochet hooks were Mom's, and I've added a few. The tin to the right of that is Mom's old button tin. I played with those buttons often as a kid, dumping them out on the table (this very table!), and looking at them and sorting them.

I also stocked up on a few treats to have handy. Here's a jar of chewy cherry hearts of different flavors. Cherry Cola, Chocolate Cherry, Cherry Cheesecake, Wild Cherry, etc.

Some wrapped chocolate hearts in a jar.

And last but not least a jar of pink and white and red M & M's in the shadow box on the wall. I don't care if it is still only mid-January - I NEED COLOR!!!


  1. Cute! I love of candy in jars, but have a hard time keeping it around. You see, I keep going back for "just a few pieces" for most of the day until its gone! HAHA

  2. I understand, Becky! With these, I'm always going by and snitching something. LOL