Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Love Dry-Erase Boards

Dry-erase boards are a life-saver for me! I'm so scatterbrained, I need to make lists and write everything down or I WILL FORGET. So we have a big board on our refrigerator, where we write grocery or supply needs, things coming up to do, I make notes about something I might like to blog about, and of course, sometimes I make a to-do list. Only here, I called it a "toe-doe list," a joke from i-Carly on tv. :)

I don't always have so many things to do each day, but if I do get a day where I have several things, it helps IMMENSELY to write them down, then check them off. First, it gets everything out of my head where it may confuse me or be forgotten. Second, it kind of keeps me on track, with little goals to shoot for. "OK, what's next on the list?" Then, I just focus on that without worrying about the other things. It's satisfying to see the checkmarks added through the day.

I also got another dry-erase board the other day, with calendar markings on it. It's good-sized, and I have it in another place where we can all see it. I have to say I'm obsessed with calendars, so I love making a new one each month with all the dates and things to do, using colorful dry-erase markers. It's so easy to add something or change something if needed. And the detail-obsessed, artistic side of me is happy!

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