Monday, August 29, 2011

In the Freezer

I've been crabby lately when I want to cook something, and put onion or green pepper in it, and I don't have any. So I fixed this little matter. Green peppers and onions were on sale for a good price, so I got six of each.

Green peppers ready to cut in strips and put in baggies.

Six peppers filled three baggies with strips. Well, sort of filled them. Mostly filled them. I could probably have squeezed that all into two baggies! Oh well. I can use them as strips in fajitas, or they chop good when frozen to add to chili or something.

Next, I fixed three onions, keeping three for fresh use for awhile. I did the same thing, to just rough-slice into "strips," then if I want to chop them later, I can.

Part-way through slicing the onions, I had a little ... tear problem. Actually a very bad BURNING EYE problem.

Staggering trip to bathroom to wash eyes with cold water.

Trip to living room to get mini fan.

Back to kitchen to plug in said fan to blow the onion fumes the other way!

It worked. :)

Three baggies full of onion strips ready for the freezer. Both the peppers and onions, I wrote the date on each little baggie, then squeezed out as much air as possible. Then I put the green peppers and the onions each in a bigger bag, expelling more air, to try to control freezer burn. Now if I want some green peppers or onions, I HAVE SOME READY. It just took kick-starting myself to actually do it - this summer heat has really gotten me down. September starts in a few days, so maybe it'll take a hint and let some cool air move in! And some rain with it. Then I'll cook a big pot of chili with green peppers and onions.

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