Sunday, June 19, 2011

Amish-style Treat for Hot Weather

For quite awhile now, and still to go for at least another day, we've had 100-plus-degree temperatures. I'm sapped, I tell you. I don't know how people did it before air conditioning. All I want to do is stay in, drink a lot, and eat only cold or easy stuff. And not much of that. I sat on the couch this afternoon, feeling completely sapped. I thought that only something cold ... something fruity ... even REMOTELY sounded good. Then I remembered something ...

For years and years now, I've enjoyed reading and learning about the Amish. One story I read a long time back mentioned a thing called "cold fruit soup," I think in the German dialect they use it was "kalte brockelsup," or something like that. All it is, is a serving bowl with bread broken into it, fruit put on top of that (strawberries, or peaches, or bananas, etc.), sugar sprinkled on to taste, then milk poured over. This sounded interesting to me at the time, but even as long ago as that's been, I haven't ever tried it - until now.

It was delicious, cool and refreshing.

I cleaned my bowl up.

I feel a LOT better now.

If you're so hot you can't stand it, and this sounds like something you'd try, I sure encourage you to give it a whirl!


  1. The picture is even refreshing! I bet it was good.

  2. It was, Debbie! ;) I also tried it later with fresh peaches - YUM!!