Thursday, June 23, 2011

Terrycloth Aprons

I enjoy collecting aprons, and I also enjoy using them. I like that they represent an earlier generation, but they are also very, very useful. Generally, I like to wear a full apron, as I tend to get a little sloppy in the kitchen. (Surely not! I don't dribble batter, or send flour flying out of the bowl, or spatter things ... do I?) But with this HOT weather lately, I can't bear to wear a full apron - just too stifling. So this is a good time to wear half-aprons. It doesn't fully protect, but at least helps.

These terrycloth aprons are interesting to me. I don't remember where I picked them up - either an auction, or yard sale, or some such thing. They appear to have been commercially made, as one has a tag in the seam. But this terrycloth idea appeals to me - comfortable, soft, absorbent and easy to wash. Plus, they're plenty colorful! Who can't be cheerful looking at that bright checked-flowered pattern?

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