Monday, June 20, 2011

Thrift Store Find - Summer Coverlet

OK, I have this thing. I don't like to have my bed covers or bedspread touching the floor. I think it stems from a problem with crickets when I was a kid. I also worry about spiders. So I try to put "twin" or "full" size covers on our king-size mattress, just to cover it, but not go to the floor. The white chenille bedspread I had was nice, but it was a little long, and had fringe that was flirting with touching the floor. That made me nervous.

Of course, I just can't stay away from the thrift store. Though I did have a day awhile back that I actually took some things over, and DIDN'T GO IN THE STORE. Wowee! But just the other day, I looked at the bed-cover rack, and there was a blue-and-white cotton "quilted" coverlet. It's square, and though commercial-made, looks nice with diagonal criss-cross "quilting." And the batting isn't that thick, so it's not heavy. Just right for summer in case you need just a little something over you. I thought $6 was a good price!

A big view, it almost reminds me of "window panes."

There are four huge blocks in the middle, then the corners and edges (shown below) have smaller blocks and strips, though they're still pretty good-sized. It's a visually "chunky" quilt with the huge pieces of fabric.

The back and binding are solid blue. This will be a very enjoyable quilt for the rest of the summer. Now if it would just get below 100 degrees and rain on us a little.

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  1. I like it. It would be so nice to curl up under with the ac cranked up and the fan going too.