Monday, June 27, 2011

Cool Meals for Summer

When I was growing up, and the summer weather was hot and sizzling like it is now, Mom would make cool meals every so often, instead of having to heat up the kitchen.

One thing I remember is a "cold plate" she liked to put together for us. She'd open a can of salmon (just eat it cold) and divide that on our plates, then add helpings of various other things to the plates such as cottage cheese, sliced tomatoes, leftover salads, canned peaches, etc. And it was good and cool and refreshing.

Also sometimes she'd fix "chef's salads." A bowl with lettuce, meat, cheese, boiled eggs, tomatoes, etc., with dressing. Also cool and refreshing. Above is the version I eat now that I've been hooked on lately. It consists of lettuce (Romaine mix from the store), honey-roasted turkey lunchmeat, shredded cheese, little-bitty tomatoes from the store, seasoned croutons and dressing. If it wasn't hot and I wasn't so lazy, I'd have some eggs boiled up and add that too! Maybe I'll get in gear and do that anyway. Boiled eggs are nice to have on hand for tuna salad, filled eggs and such.

That's some more cool food for summer - Mom would make sandwich filling from leftover roast beef, or make tuna salad, and that made a good sandwich to enjoy.

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