Friday, June 24, 2011

Just a Pitcher

When I was growing up, we had the neatest pitcher that was in pretty much constant use in the summer. It was amber, round like a globe, and had a "crinkly" texture. You couldn't count the times a batch of iced tea (from instant, heh) was made in that pitcher for consumption during hot weather. Can't remember if we had glasses to match, maybe we did? But I sure remember that pitcher. It's etched permanently in my mind as a symbol of "home" and "summer."

I don't know what happened to that pitcher. Perhaps it broke (don't think so), perhaps it got mucked-up from sitting down under the cabinet, maybe it got lost in the dark recesses of said cabinet and I glossed over it when I was getting things out of the house.

Well. Here a few weeks back, we were visiting a store in a nearby town. A gentleman buys things at estate sales or surplus sales or wherever, then sells all kinds of things in his store. His wife helps, and they're really pleasant and friendly to visit with when we go there. The shelves hold everything, from tools to business supplies to knick-knacks to toys to old-fashioned antiques ... you never know. As I walked around this time, I saw a set of five glasses in this amber-colored "crinkle" pattern. That was close enough! They found a home with us, and I've particularly enjoyed drinking cool drinks from them to try to beat this over-100-degree heat.

I'll be the first to admit I have a bad addiction to the thrift store in the nearby bigger town. You just never know what you'll find! It's like a perpetual garage sale. Now I have been trying to "tone down" on going there so often, plus trying to take MORE things over than I BRING HOME. So far I've been fairly successful, and there's a little more order around our house. The other day I took some things over, and DID NOT GO IN THE STORE.

Today I had a few errands to run to prepare for the weekend, and I had 3 sacks of things to leave at this store. I didn't plan to go in. I really didn't. I really didn't!!! But then I thought, oh well, I'll just nose around a bit just to see what's what. So I delivered my donations, then went in. I went on my usual "tour path" ... books/magazines, blouses, bedding and misc. items, shoes, material, purses, skirts, household goods. I had snagged a few things and was clanking around on the lower plate-and-saucer shelf. But nothing there I needed ... so I stood up. And came FACE-TO-FACE (and I'm tall!) with an amber, "crinkly," round-like-a-globe, in-great-condition PITCHER!

Long story short - that pitcher left the shelf so fast I'm surprised it didn't catch on fire from the speed friction. "MINE!!!!" It came home with me, and is now happily providing a batch of tea, made from instant, in our refrigerator. To help battle this heat wave that just won't let go. I'm thankful for ice and drinks!

I think perhaps God knew what might help fix some of my deep homesickness. I know, it's "just a pitcher," but the memories it brings back are precious and happy. God knows I need good doses of that right now.

Here's my awesome, homesick-fixing pitcher and glass set. :)


  1. I'm like this too with things!! Certain things make me feel like a little girl! I also do this with my grandmas cookies. She died when I was 8, but when I make those cookies and smell THAT smell, well, life is a bit easier for a little bit!
    You find THE coolest treasures!!!

  2. Ahh Becky ... you understand what I'm talkin' about. :)That's neat about the cookies!

  3. My grandma had one just like this, I think. Very similar, anyways.

    Here from another Rhonda's blog--If you do stuff, stuff gets done.