Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dealing With the Wind

OOOOOOOOOO - klahoma, where the wind comes sweeping ..... through our yard!

So, what do you do when you've got to hang laundry out, and the wind is blasting at hurricane gale force?

1. Hang stuff on the end of the line that's between the house and the shed, to hopefully cut down on some of the blast.

2. Use LOTS AND LOTS of clothespins.

What's strange is, the wind is blasting out of the south, but it comes around in a circle and blows the laundry from the north. Well, I guess we could have a scientific study of air currents. :)

It's gonna be a BAD HAIR DAY.

Poor corn, almost sideways.

All the trees are rustling to beat the band. *WHOO-OO-OOSH!!!!*

Between the house and shed, the wind tends to "swirl," thus the stuff on the line gets a little twisted. BUT ... at least this clothesline isn't running north-and-south like the one at the apartment did - Not only did everything twist, it twisted lengthwise all around the lines! It was like a laundry rope! So actually, this is a little better. But the wind still exerts its power.


  1. Its better now, but its been very windy at our house this entire spring. There are no trees on either side of us to block it. Your post reminded me of an episode of Little House on the Prairie, where Ma and the girls were trying to hang clothes and the wind was blowing them so hard they could hardly hang on to the clothes.

    One good thing about the wind with clothes on the line is that it helps them be softer! :o)

  2. I hear ya', Debbie! I used to watch "Little House" when I was younger, but didn't see that particular episode. But I can sure imagine it! LOL I know what you mean, too, about the wind making things softer. Stay cool!